Black Friday Shopping Tips

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Thanksgiving is a time to get together with friends & families to enjoy a wonderful feast and express gratitude for what we are thankful for. But after that wonderful meal, it’s time for Black Friday shopping. Black Friday is usually the day after Thanksgiving, but over the past couple of years, Black Friday starts as early as 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day. Here is a list of tips to remember before shopping on Black Friday.

Make a shopping list ahead of time. Prepare a list of items that you plan on purchasing. You can also visit the store you plan to go to ahead of time. By visiting beforehand, you can take notes on which aisle the item is located at. Thus when shopping on Black Friday, you will be able to grab your item quickly and check-out before the lines gets longer.

Do not buy more than what you can carry. If you plan to buy a lot, bring a friend or family member.

Walking to and from your car. Make sure you are aware of your surroundings and have your keys ready before getting to your car. Try to go with a few friends and family instead of going alone. If you plan to go back and shop for more products, do not leave your purchases visible in your car. Leave them in your trunk.

Be polite. Many shoppers, including yourself, can be grumpy from waiting long hours to get into the store. It’s best to just keep to yourself instead of letting your emotions get the best of you. Let others around you in the aisle, wait patiently to check out and let people pass through the line if they are still shopping. Also, be nice to employees because they were probably up as early as you were.

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