24 Hour Medical Staffing, LLC and their employees:

Adheres to all Federal, State, local laws and regulations applicable to the operations of the business.

Are Equal Opportunities Employers and do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, or handicap either in its hiring of internal staff or in its presentation to client firms.

Has publish this Code of Ethics to its internal staff and take all reasonable steps to ensure that its employees are aware of and follow the principles set forth in them.

Do not disparage competitor firms to clients or consultants.

Client Relations

Provide complete screening of consultant candidates prior to their presentation of a consultant to a client.

Do not knowingly misrepresent a consultant’s skills or experience in its presentation of a consultant to a client.

Accurately report the progress of a search to a client and do not create false or misleading expectations when making progress reports to a client.

Treat all confidential and proprietary information regarding the business affairs of its clients as confidential and contractually bind their consultant personnel to maintain this confidentiality.

Do not pay finder’s fees, commissions, or any other consideration to any agent or employee of a client.

Strictly refrain from recruiting or soliciting (or leaving the impression that they have recruited or solicited) current employees of clients.

Do not disparage a client, its business practices or its management to consultants, other clients or other business entities.

Consultant Relationships

Always obtain the approval of consultants prior to presenting their resume to clients.

Maintain a written policy for the payment of consultants and do not misrepresent to consultants their payment rate of terms, approximate length of assignment, the nature of the contract assignment or other subjects pertinent to the business relationship between the Member and the consultant.

actively discourage consultants from misrepresenting their skills and experience and actively encourage them to make full disclosures regarding their ability to perform and complete a contract when interviewing with a client.

Interaction With Other Consultant Services Firms

Actively promote free and fair competition among member firms.

Do not use information gained as a member in a manner detrimental to other members of the Association and do not recruit internal staff of other member firms.

Will negotiate with each other to resolve conflicts between themselves.

Outside Employment

Employees may hold outside jobs as long as they meet the performance standards of their jobs with 24-Hour Medical Staffing, LLC. All employees will be judged by the same performance standards.

Outside employment that constitutes a conflict of interest is prohibited. Employees may not receive any income or material gain from individuals outside 24-Hour Medical Staffing, LLC for materials produced or services rendered while performing their jobs at 24-Hour Medical Staffing, LLC.

Interaction With Other Consultant Services Firms

The protection of confidential business information and trade secrets is vital to the interests and the success of 24-Hour Medical Staffing, LLC. Such confidential information includes, but is not limited to, the following examples:

  • Compensation data
  • Resume database
  • Patient information
  • Customer lists
  • Customer preferences
  • Financial information
  • Marketing strategies
  • New materials research
  • Pending projects and proposals
  • Proprietary production processes
  • Research and development strategies
  • Employees exposed to confidential information may be required to sign a non disclosure agreement as a condition of employment. Employees who improperly use or disclose trade secrets or confidential business information will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including immediate termination of employment, even if they do not actually benefit from the disclosed information.

Conflict of Interest

24-Hour Medical Staffing, LLC has an obligation to conduct business within guidelines that prohibit actual or potential conflicts of interest. This policy establishes only the framework within which the company wishes the business to operate. The purpose of these guidelines is to provide general direction so those employees can seek further clarification on issues related to the subject of acceptable standards of operation.

A “conflict of interest” occurs when an individual’s private interest interferes in any way, or even appears to interfere, with the interests of the company as a whole. A conflict of interest situation can arise when an employee, officer or director takes actions or has interests that may make it difficult to perform his or her company work objectively and effectively. Conflicts of interest also arise when an employee, officer or director, or a member of his or her family, receives improper personal benefits as a result of his or her position in the company.

Transactions with outside firms must be conducted within a framework established and controlled by the executive level of 24-Hour Medical Staffing, LLC. Business dealings with outside firms should not result in unusual gains for those firms. Unusual gain refers to bribes, product bonuses, special fringe benefits, unusual price breaks and other windfalls designed to ultimately benefit the employer, the employee or both. Promotional plans that could be interpreted to involve unusual gain require specific executive level approval.

An actual or potential conflict of interest occurs when an employee is in a position to influence a decision that may result in a personal gain for that employee or for a relative as a result of 24-Hour Medical Staffing, LLC business dealings. For the purposes of this policy, a relative is any person who is related by blood or marriage, or whose relationship with the employee is similar to that of persons who are related by blood or marriage.

No “presumption of guilt” is created by the mere existence of a relationship with outside firms. However, if employees have any influence on transactions involving purchases, contracts or leases, it is imperative that they disclose to an officer of 24-Hour Medical Staffing, LLC, as soon as possible, the existence of any actual or potential conflict of interest so that safeguards can be established to protect all parties.

Personal gain may result not only in cases where an employee or relative has a significant ownership in a firm with which 24-Hour Medical Staffing, LLC does business, but also when an employee or relative receives any kickback, bribe, substantial gift or special consideration as a result of any transaction or business dealings involving 24-Hour Medical Staffing, LLC.