24-Hour Medical Staffing Services 16th Anniversary and Tiger Team Graduation

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Last week, 24-Hour Medical Staffing Services celebrated their 16th anniversary. Employees showed their company pride by coming into work wearing green. When employees walked into the office, they were greeted by a happy birthday sign and balloons decorated in front of the conference room.

That same week, we continued our celebration with another COSi Tiger Team Graduation. Team R&D and Team Money were awarded with certificates for their completion of phase 1. After the awards, 24-Hour Medical’s chief financial officer, Darryl Stone, blew out the candles of our 16th Anniversary cake.

Here is what some of our employees have to say about 24-Hour Medical Staffing Services:

“24-hrmed is great because of the people that you get work with. They are team oriented, happy to assist, and never put you down for a mistake. The environment is relaxing but aggressive, and if you need any supplies or if you have any questions you have only to ask.” – Logan F. Staffing Specialist

“I like 24-Hour Medical Staffing Services’ open door policy. Your manager is always open to hear your concerns. There are not many companies where you can walk into your CEO’s or CFO’s office to talk about anything, and at 24-hrmed you can.” – Erica Z., Human Resources Lead

“I like working at 24-hrmed because everyone is friendly and helpful. They make me feel comfortable, and encourages me to ask questions. I love that we have an open-door policy and we can always go to anyone, even management for help.” – Wendy K., Compliance Associate

“I love working with 24-hrmed staffing because we have a very pleasant working environment. You can just walk to anyone to ask for help, or just for anything. Everyone in this company made me feel that I belonged.”  – Jay J., Compliance Associate

“Its only my third day as an intern but I really like how friendly and helpful the staff is. The environment of the company is very welcoming.” – Ayleen, H. Staffing Specialist Intern.

“What I like about 24-Hour Medical Staffing Services is that everyone is friendly and always willing to help each other out. This company defines the values of team leadership. I also like the company’s culture, people know how to get work done and be serious when needed to, while also being able to joke around and have fun.” – Kaylie D., Staffing Specialist Intern.

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