What is Travel Nursing?

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What is Travel Nursing? A travel nurse is a nurse who is hired to work in a specific location for short-term assignments – typically 13 weeks. To become a travel nurse, some hospitals require at least 1-year of hospital-based experience while some hospitals may require more experience depending on your specialty. As a travel nurse, you get to develop your skills and adapt to a variety of medical settings and conditions. Not only do you get to focus on your specialty, short-term assignments are perfect for nurses who loves to travel. As a travel nurse you can: ●  Discover a wide range of nursing positions by choosing location and specialty ●  Experience many different cities and states, and visit beautiful locations ●  Receive reimbursement for transportation to and from assignments ●  Get weekly pay and direct deposit into bank accounts ●  Receive health benefits including 401k retirement plan with company matching ●  Choose your housing option ranging from fully furnished apartments to extended stays at hotel or motels. Top Specialties for Travel Nurses: The top 10 nursing specialty of 2018 are acute care …

24HRMED – Where Nurses Come First

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24HRMED provides flexible staffing services such as RNs, LVNs, CNAs, and Allied Health Professionals to meet our employees and clients needs. Credits: Filmed & Edited by: Dario Guerrero Contact info: 310-985-2213 LinkedIn: https://tinyurl.com/y8squo9u Instagram: @superdari0 Created & Directed by: Kaz Newton & Cindy Keo Refer a Healthcare Professional, and you can earn between $50-500!  Call us today at 909-895-8960 or visit here for more information.

24HRMED Summer 2018 Newsletter

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Check out 24-Hour Medical Staffing Services’ (24HRMED) Summer 2018 Newsletter – Volume 5 Issue 2. Summer is a time for BBQs, weekend trips, and outdoor activities, so it is important that you stay cool and healthy. Read more to get the latest update about what 24HRMED has been up to these past few months. In this issue, 24HRMED received the Top Diversity Partner Award, 24HRMED Success Institute Graduation, Summer Tips, and Travel Nursing Packing Tips. Also in this edition, we welcome five new members to the 24HRMED Team! Click Here to Read More

Benefits of Travel Nursing

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Whether you’re a new or current traveler, or you’re interested in becoming a travel nurse, travel nursing offers a variety of benefits. Here are some benefits of travel nursing: Career Advancement Travel nursing will allow you to dabble into a variety of areas if you still do not know which specialty you’d like to pursue. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to meet all kinds of people, build your resume and network, and gain unique perspective from working at multiple settings. Flexibility If you are licensed in multiple states, you can also consider where you would like to work by traveling to a city or state you have never been to. Travel nursing is very flexible while also providing you the opportunity to explore the country. Travel You are free to explore new destinations while doing what you love. 24HRMED currently has travel assignments nationwide, so whether you’re looking to work in warmer or cooler climate, we have the assignments for you! Visit http://www.24-hrmed.com/opportunities/ for our latest travel assignments. 24/7 Support Team, and Special offers 24HRMED …